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NetNation’s WhoisProtector Lite Protects Customers' Privacy

WhoisProtector Lite keeps customers' personal information out of the public Whois database for just $4.95 a year.

Vancouver, British Columbia, August 23, 2007 NetNation, Canada's top-ranked Web host, has recently launched a new product that protects customers' personal information from the public. With WhoisProtector Lite, a customer’s name, address and other personal information is kept private; only the email address is displayed for legitimate business inquiries.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires domain name registrars to send the name, physical address, phone number and email address of every customer who registers a domain name to its Whois database. The database, like a telephone directory, lists all of that information online where anyone, including phishers, telemarketers and identity thieves, can access it.

WhoisProtector Lite replaces the customer's name, physical address and phone number with NetNation's contact information. At $4.95/year, it's an inexpensive way for domain name owners to conceal their contact information from people with malicious intent.

NetNation’s line of domain name products also includes WhoisProtector Ultra. The Ultra product offers privacy plus spam protection by replacing all information, including the email address, with NetNation's contact information.

WhoisProtector Lite and WhoisProtector Ultra are both available at   For more information, call toll free 1-888-277-0000 or 1-604-688-8946 (international) or email .

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Lyza Swearingen Latham
Director of Marketing
Hostway Corporation

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