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Spam and viruses can literally bring a company's operations to a screeching halt. NetNation's CleanMail products keep your business secure, providing the protection you need for your sensitive files, data and network. They classify spam messages to save you time and systematically stop viruses before they hit your inbox.

Spam Detector Virus Shield
Using advanced technology to search emails for known spam, CleanMail products label these messages by including “SPAM” directly in the subject line.

What Are The Benefits?
• Scans all messages for the most notorious spam elements

• Classifies spam into different category levels, so there's minimal lost information risk

• Clearly identifies annoying spam so you can save time by reading your most important email first

• CleanMail is a Web-based application so there's no complicated software to install on workstations and is accessible using any browser
NetNation's CleanMail checks all of your email messages against frequently updated virus definitions, hunting for suspicious viruses and attachments and preventing these messages from ever reaching your inbox.

What Are The Benefits?
• Scans for viruses before they reach you, enabling you to continue your business operations, worry free

• Prevents the unwitting spread of viruses to your customers, coworkers and friends, so you aren't responsible for keeping viruses active

• Virus definitions are consistently updated so you're never caught unaware

• CleanMail system is maintained completely by NetNation so you never have to worry about maintenance and upgrades
How To Get It?
CleanMail is included with Email Services, Shared Web Hosting and Ecommerce plans.
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