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CleanMail Plus includes all the features of CleanMail and combines them with even more tools to control your inbox. CleanMail Plus gives you the options you need to determine filters settings, establish white and black lists and much more. Finally, the power to easily take control of your inbox is in your hands!

These additional features put the Plus in CleanMail Plus:
  • Robust control panel gives the Account Administrator the access to settings directly in AccountManager.
  • Option to disable and reinstate CleanMail Plus at your discretion.
  • Control to determine the level of spam and virus filter protection level from ten preset rules for each email account in the domain. That means the same rules don't have to apply to every email account.
  • Ability to establish a blacklist for each email account based on domain, key word or email address so that you never receive messages from anyone on your blacklist.
  • Power to create a white list for each email account based on domain, key word or email address so that you never risk missing a message from those on the list.
  • Account customization options let you set up your preferences how you want them.
CleanMail vs. CleanMail Plus
Features / Packages
Scans all messages for spam
Classifies spam into different category levels
Identifies spam in subject line
Deletes viruses before they hit your inbox
Uses consistently updated virus definitions
Web-based application
Easy-to-use control panel  
Ability to set filtering for each email account  
Allows enabling or disabling of filters  
Provides choice of preset filtering rules  
Ability to blacklist  
Ability to whitelist  
How To Get It?
CleanMail Plus is available free for email Plus, Shared Hosting - Pro Package and above customers. Starter and QuickWeb customers can easily upgrade to CleanMail Plus directly in AccountManager for $24.95 / year.

Check out our Shared Web Hosting and find the plan that's right for you. For more information please contact our sales department toll free: 1-888-277-0000 or email: