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.CN Regional Extensions

China has the world’s largest population and one of the world’s fastest growing economies.  With over 100 million Internet users and growing, a .CN regional extension is a perfect way to develop a local Internet presence in this rapidly growing market.

Protect your brand identity by registering your regional .CN extensions and secure your presence in this lucrative marketplace before others beat you to it.  All .CN regional extensions are $24.95 and are available to anyone to register for 1 to 5 year terms.



Extension Region  

Anhui Province   Jiangxi Province  

Beijing   Liaoning Province  

Chongqing   Macao  

Fujian Province   Neimenggu Province  

Guangdong Province   Ningxia Province  

Gansu Province   Qinghai Province  

Guangxi Province   Sichuan Province  

Guizhou Province   Shandong Province  

Henan Province  Shanghai  

Hubei Province   Shanxi Province  

Hebei Province   Shaanxi Province  

Hainan Province   Tianjin  

Hongkong   Taiwan  

Helongjiang Province   Xinjiang Province  

Hunan Province   Xizang Province  

Jilin Province   Yunnan Province  

Jiangsu Province   Zhejiang Province