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Exchange ActiveSync-enabled Devices

Partners that currently license Exchange ActiveSync are:

  • DataViz
    An after-market solutions provider for 21 years, DataViz, Inc. provides a commercially available ActiveSync add-on software client, RoadSync, for new and currently shipping devices. RoadSync supports Symbian UIQ, Series 60, Series 80, Palm OS and Java handsets such as the Sony Ericsson P910, Palm Treo, Nokia 9300, Motorola Razr, and more. Download a RoadSync trial to explore Exchange Server SP2 Direct Push today.

  • Palm
    A leader in mobile computing, Palm, Inc. strives to put the power of computing in your hands so you can gain access to and share your most important information. On selected devices, you can synchronize your Exchange Server email and calendar by using integrated Exchange ActiveSync.

    Treo 650 Smartphones combine a compact mobile phone with email capabilities, an organizer, Web access, a digital camera, and MPEG Audio Layer-3 (MP3) player—all in a device that’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

    LifeDrive mobile manager integrates a 4-gigabyte (GB) hard drive and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies so you can easily carry all the essentials of your busy life with you.

  • Motorola
    MOTOSYNC is a Motorola synchronization messaging framework offering interoperability with leading corporate email and messaging solutions through key strategic alliances to provide always-up-to-date and over-the-air synchronization of email messages, schedules, and contact information. MOTOSYNC-enabled devices, such as the A780 and A910, interoperate with Exchange Server 2003 through Exchange ActiveSync. For more information, see the MOTOSYNC home page on the Motorola site.

  • Nokia
    Supporting the ActiveSync protocol in Nokia's devices provides you with a seamless solution for integrating mobile devices with Exchange Server 2003. Nokia is committed to answering the broader needs of enterprises across the world by providing access to a wide selection of email and personal information manager (PIM) solutions. For more information about Nokia mobile solutions, visit the Nokia business site.

  • Sony Ericsson
    Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications serves the global communications market with innovative and feature-rich mobile phones, accessories, PC-cards and M2M solutions. Its new P990 smartphone and M600 messaging device support the Exchange Active Sync protocol. Users can easily access, interrogate, and synchronize their email, calendar, and contacts information while on the move, leading to overall productivity gains for the enterprise customer. For more information on Sony Ericsson business products and services please visit

  • Symbian
    Symbian Limited licenses Exchange ActiveSync for use in Symbian OS, an open-standard operating system for advanced mobile phones.
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How Will Microsoft Exchange Help You?
Mobility Mobility
Access your email and important files whether you’re in the office, on the road or on your couch.
Get More Done Productivity
Compare calendars, share contacts and safely access customer proposals without any hassles.
Don't Stress

Don't Stress
Never lose important customer emails even if you lose your laptop; or simply leave it on the plane.


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