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You have a 10 AM meeting across town and you need to leave…now.

You grab your PDA and throw it in your bag just before rushing out the door. When you arrive, the client asks if you have an extra copy of the expense form, oh and do you have Jim's email address?

Luckily you have Exchange and are able to pull the expense form off your shared folder while getting Jim's information from your shared contacts. Multi-tasking has never been this simple.

  • Leave your laptop at home.
    You can access you email, calendar, contacts and shared files from your PDA. Click here to see devices that work with Exchange.
  • Afraid of losing customers while on the road?
    That will never happen again.  Even if you want some peace and quiet you decide who has access to your email.
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How Will Microsoft Exchange Help You?
Mobility Mobility
Access your email and important files whether you’re in the office, on the road or on your couch.
Get More Done Productivity
Compare calendars, share contacts and safely access customer proposals without any hassles.
Don't Stress Don't Stress
Never lose important customer emails even if you lose your laptop; or simply leave it on the plane.


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