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Get InstantSite free for your Web site

Now that you have begun establishing a Web identity, you can immediately get a fully designed home page built and customized in record time using NetNation’s InstantSite.

InstantSite gives you the tools to quickly and easily get a domain-specific Web page up while you complete development of your site. It offers a single-page site where you can include your contact information and business description, as well as provide visitors with the added value of timely news, local weather, search capabilities and more.

InstantSite Includes
• Customizable ‘About Site’ text section gives you the opportunity to describe your business and/or products

• Customizable ‘Contact Information’ text section instantly gives potential customers a means of contacting you

• Customizable links make alliances with business partners possible

• Google™ search gives visitors the ability to compare your products to others

• NetNation domain name search gives visitors the option of finding out what domain names are still available

• Syndicated headlines and content provide visitors with timely information

• Monthly calendar, local weather by zip code and Web page counter
How to Get It:
Add InstantSite to your Domain Registration or email Plans free by logging into AccountManager and adding it in the “Domain Name” section.