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E-Commerce - Merchant Manager - Admin Screenshots

With NetNation Merchant Manager's easy setup wizards and intuitive navigation panel, you can build your store in minutes!

1. Merchant Manager's quick and easy Store Setup Wizard helps you tackle your store's basics in a few simple steps.

2. Once the basics are taken care of, you can customize and edit the content, add images, change the text and font styles and design your site's layout.

3. Learn who your customers are and monitor their account activity and purchasing habits using Merchant Manager's Customer Manager. You can use this knowledge to develop targeted promotions to increase sales.

4. Merchant Manager's Order Manager helps you track your inventory so you'll never run out of your most popular products. The Order Manager also offers you dynamic and important shipping, payment and fulfillment information, helping you keep track of which products are selling and how many you are sending out to customers.

5. Use the Product/Catalog Manager to give your customers the information they need to make quick buying decisions with detailed and organized product categories. You can also include product reviews and promotional specials as well as add images to your descriptions.

6. NetNation Merchant Manager's Reports offer real-time tracking of your customers' buying cycles, showing what the most popular products are in your store, so you can maximize your product mix for the best sales results.

7. Now that your store is just about ready to open for business, use Merchant Manager's marketing tools to promote it with banners, customer emails, newsletters and more.

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