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E-Commerce - Merchant Manager - Why Merchant Manager

Merchant Manager

What can NetNation Merchant Manager offer you?
  1. Create your notification email and setup your store information using the Quick Setup Wizard, which allows you to build your store basics in a few easy steps. You can also determine your tax structure and figure out your currency exchange rates.
  2. Customizable text, image, layout, and style editors, let you design your store's look and feel.
  3. Extensive customer information allows you to track order history, understand customers purchasing process, select payment and shipping methods, and save contact information.
  4. Order and inventory tracking tools help you to understand which products have been ordered and their status, product shipping options, maintain inventory levels, and manage payment gateways.
  5. Ability to concisely organize your products according to your preferences.
  6. Ability to offer additional description details of all products including reviews and ratings from previous customers, images and special discounts.
  7. Tracking of your most successful products according to customer views and purchases, helping you understand which products are attracting your customers. You can print these reports for your files too!
  8. Marketing tools including a banner manager, newsletter manager, and email creation tool that will help you promote your online store.
  9. Who's Online feature, provides real-time information about which customers are currently shopping at your store.
  10. Store summary, offers you a snapshot of store orders, product status, and site statistics.

What does NetNation Merchant Manager offer your customers?
  1. Personalized home pages for each returning customer.
  2. "My Account" information provides customers with details about their buying history, contact information and shipping methods.
  3. A quick and easy listing of shopping cart products at checkout.
  4. Easy to understand payment, billing and shipping information.
  5. Order confirmation page shows customers their transaction information and gives them the ability to print records to confirm completed orders.

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