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The Mobile Revolution is Here! 

There are four times as many mobiles sold as PCs. That’s 1.3 billion people who can access the internet on their mobiles. Imagine the potential of tapping into this growing market.

28% of mobile Americans would use their phone for purchases, but web sites are simply not optimized for the mobile phone. Make it easy for your customers with an optimized .mobi web site from NetNation; they will say thank you.
Enter each .mobi domain name you want to register on a separate line and then click the “Search” button. Now available for one-year registration terms.

Benefits of a .mobi Domain

Reach Customers "On the Go"
A mobile Internet site is the perfect way to put important information such as directions, contact information and details about your products and services at your customers’fingertips—literally!

Save Your Customers Money
What better way to drive business to your mobile site than by making it affordable for customers to access it?  Dotmobi sites are intended to deliver the most relevant content to mobile Internet users.  This means that they won’t have to worry about paying for kilobytes of extra information that they do not need. 

Save Your Customers Time
Ask any mobile user who has browsed the Internet from their phone and they will tell you how frustrating it is downloading pages that are slow, difficult to navigate, and that exceed their phone’s screen size.  Having a .mobi extension will let your customers know that they can access your mobile site conveniently, reliably and quickly.  Let your customers know that your mobile site is designed with them in mind.

Check Out Our Exclusive .mobi Products and Services

Dotmobi Compliant Business Card Page—Included
Each .mobi registration comes with a customizable mobile Web page where you can insert a photo, map, contact information and several links to make it easier for people to find you wherever they may be. Learn More.

Dotmobi Parking Page—Included
Even if you are not quite ready to develop your mobile site, reserve your .mobi domain and then use our complimentary parking page to let customers know that  your site will be “coming soon."

*Limited time offer.