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QuickSSL® Certificate

With QuickSSL® Web server certificates, you and your customers can conduct secure Internet transactions with trust and confidence for only $165 per year (including setup).

We've partnered with Geotrust to offer this true 128-bit SSL encryption -for less than what you'd pay for other SSL solutions.

By activating the browser's "LOCK" icon, QuickSSL® assures online visitors that credit card account numbers and other confidential information cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered.

QuickSSL's automated authentication system is the most advanced in the industry so your customers and trading partners can be sure that QuickSSL® Web server certificates are only issued to fully authorized recipients.

QuickSSL® web server certificates are compatible with most Netscape/AOL and Microsoft Internet Explorer web browsers.
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Sign up for your QuickSSL® Certificate by calling NetNation sales at 1-888-277-0000.

True BusinessID® SSL Certificates

True BusinessID® is one step up from Quick SSL offering the same strong 128-bit SSL encryption plus an authentication service that assures web site visitors of your business identity.

We've partnered with GeoTrust to offer True BusinessID® web server certificates for just $199 per year. When you request a True BusinessID® certificate, we verify the identity of the business responsible for the domain name for which the certificate is requested.

True BusinessID® Sign Up Instructions

Before signing up, the following items must be in order to have your server certificate order processed:
  • The registrant listed in the InterNIC/WHOIS records for the domain name in question must match the company name on the "Proof of Organization."
  • The organization appearing in your "Proof of Organization" documents or DUNS number
  • Enter your organization into the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) (click to view instructions for your server)
After completing the above, please fax your "Proof of Organization" information and InterNIC record to 1.604.688.8934, ATTN: Network Operations. Include your domain name and order ID number on the cover letter. If any of the above items do not match or are not submitted, your certificate request will be delayed.
Acceptable Proof of Organization Documents
  • DUNS number (Dun and Bradstreet)
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business License
  • Doing Business As (DBA) registration
  • Partnership documentation
  • Sole Proprietorship documentation
Notes: NetNation must receive all of your information before your order can be completed. Once you have submitted these documents, they will not be required again unless the organization or contact name changes. In addition, GeoTrust may contact your state or local government to confirm that your organization is in "Good Standing". All documents must be provided in English or with an English translation.
Sign up for your True BusinessID® SSL certificate by calling NetNation sales at 1-888-277-0000.

Browser & Server Compatibility
Please Call: 1-888-277-0000 or email for more information.