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SharePoint allows you to:

Improve Security
• Set up a secure internal Web site that is only accessible to you and your employees.
• Improve communication, efficiency and security within your business by giving your employees one secure place to interact.
• Work without worrying about lost emails or sensitive information leaking out.

Save Time
• Effortlessly share virtually any piece of information that's relevant to your business's success with only the people who need to see it.
• Post calendars, schedules and contact information so getting teams to work together is quick and easy.

Increase Productivity
• Instead of sending numerous emails back and forth, facilitate group file sharing and document collaboration with built-in document versioning and check-in and checkout capabilities.
• Email attachment sizes are no longer a concern since SharePoint lets you instantly post any document—no matter how large—to share with your team. NetNation offers two different SharePoint plans to choose from so you can get the plan that provides the amount of email, disk space and users your business needs.

Add a SharePoint plan to improve your business’s communication for about $20/month.

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