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What are POP accounts, email Forwarding, Aliasing and Exploders?
How do I set up my email?
What is SMTP and how do I set up my account?
How do I start sending email using my domain name?
Can I use NetNation's SMTP service to send bulk email?
How do I get more help with my email setup?

What are POP accounts, email Forwarding, Aliases, Exploders, and AutoResponders?
Here's a brief overview of your email setup options:

POP mailbox accounts
Pop Mailboxes are mailboxes that store the email on our servers and let you connect with an email client to download the email to your computer. Your Internet service provider will usually provide you with one of these mailboxes when they give you your account.
email Forwarding
Have one or more addresses at your domain forwarded to an existing mailbox (ie: the one you have with your Internet provider).

email Aliasing
If you would like one or more addresses at your domain to go to one POP mailbox account at our servers, they're called "aliases", as the one POP mailbox account would have all of those names. For this we need one password (for the one POP account).

An Exploder is like an email distribution center where the email sent to one alias at your domain will be forwarded to multiple recipients. This service is equivalent to a small mailing list that allows up to 16 recipients per exploder.

An AutoResponder is a setup where our system automatically replies to an incoming email message with a message you customize on your own. This is handy for an automatic, quick thank you note to customers who send an email to your "orders" or info email address, or for automatically replying to people when you're on vacation. The AutoResponder also sends you a copy of the incoming email so you can reply personally or track orders.

We can also do combinations of the above. There is no limit on aliases or forwardings. If you'd like more than the number of free POP accounts associated with your account type, additional charges apply.

How do I set up my email?
To set up your POP accounts, email Forwarding, Aliases, Exploders and AutoResponders, login to the Account Manager (at and select "Mail Advanced."

What is an SMTP Account?
Most Internet service providers (ISPs) and web hosts allow you to receive --but not send-- email using your domain name. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) allows you to send email addressed from your domain name, making it an ideal complement to your existing POP account. For example, with SMTP, you can send email as Our SMTP is authenticated, which means the user needs to log in with an account name and password before sending email. Activate and order extra accounts in the Account Manager area under "Mail." All shared packages come with at least one free SMTP account.

How do I start sending email using my domain name?
Once you've ordered your SMTP account, you need to configure your email client. Most email clients support authenticated SMTP. Please select your email client for setup instructions:

Outlook Express
Netscape Messenger
Eudora Mail

Note: AOL and MSN users should use a fully functioning email client

Can I use NetNation's SMTP service to send bulk email?
We do not allow bulk email to be sent through our network/servers. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more about our position on bulk and unsolicited email. If you have any questions about this policy, please email

How do I get more help with my email setup?
If you are using an email client that supports SMTP but is not listed above, please use the information listed below:

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) =
Username/AccountName = POP3 accountname (ex: yourdomain01)
Password = your POP3 account password
Need help? Contact technical support for further assistance.