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Passwords FAQ

How do I change my password?
How do I password protect part of my site?
I forgot my password!
How do I choose a secure password?

How do I change my password?
Please note that your password is case sensitive, check to make sure your Caps Lock key is not set! We advise using the AccountManager as changing your password directly on the server affects only your FTP and shell access. This way, both your FrontPage and other passwords remain will be the same, and easier to remember.

How do I use password to protect part of my site?
The following steps will create a directory that will bring up a dialog box pop up that asks for username and password when accessed with your browser.

For help with the below commands, please refer to our UNIX FAQ
1) Create a directory and put the files that you want protected into the directory.

2) Use a telnet program and connect to your domain using your login and password.

3) From the command prompt, change to the directory you want to protect using the cd command, then type:

webprotect prot

This will create the needed files to protect your directory.

4) After you protect the directory, type:

webprotect add user

where user is the name of a user you want to give access to that part of your site. The program will ask you for a password.

This process will create two files in your directory: .htaccess and .htpasswd. These files contain the information necessary to protect that directory. If you delete one or both of them, you will disable or remove the protection effects from that directory.

I forgot my password!
Simply contact support and we'll email you your password.

How do I choose a secure password?
Having a password helps protect your data. But this protection is only as good as your password.